Fit and Jazz Goes to Mega Mayhem 2004!

Firstly, I would like to thank you all who turned up for the meet up at Kallang on the 21st of March. The convoy to Turf City is great! Here are the photos with thanks to S4TypeR, Tortoise and Tortoisenette! More pictures coming soon!

Meeting up on Sunday Morning Waiting around for the rest to arrive
Full kit !!! I think almost time to go!
Members waiting patiently for us to move off Coordinators discussing on route to Turf City
All colors stick together! Divided into 2 groups! Left is first group, right is second group.
Turning into Turf City! Being stared by fellow road users! Our club makes the grand entrance and parking:)
Umbrellas out!! HondaVtec and Bishop, 2 of the coordinators.
The Black and the Blues Look at the shine!! *yum!~*
This tent is where people watch the F1 race live! Turf City..

Very hot weather for such 'open' event.

S4TypeR makes his own Grand entrance :P
The guy with white cap -> Ken, from Hotstuff/Steer From left to back: Bishop, Marco, MRSpyder, HondaVtec
The Fit Jazz Club takes a picture together :) I wonder when they took a photo with Tortoise's Car?
Mugen Pro Spoiler on one of the Fit at the event D-Iceman's Carbon Fibre Bonnet
That's the Mobil Girl doing a survey with DBT and MRspyder The Guys :)
One of the contestants from JB JCOBRA and his acheivements of the day
Can't wait to get home to install, so might as well... Do it there at the carpark!!
Monster Power Filter! Mobil Girl Number 1 :P
Mobil Girl Number 2 :P Mobil Girl Number 3 :P
Mobil Girl Number 4 :P  

Mega Mayhem 2004

Bridal Cars

WhiteHat's Baby
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