4th December 2003 at 2:01 pm 
S4TypeR's Trip from Singapore to JB to KL and Genting in 24 hours!

Hi bros, wanna share an AAR from a short dash from Singapore to KL to Genting Highland and back within 24 hours on my Fit. Actually the trip was unplanned, only wanted to go JB to change engine oil and head for home liao. In the end backside itchy, hit all the way to KL and Genting with my wifey. First time driving there with no maps somemore, based on pure guts and half pass 6 malay/english mix for directions with the locals.

I went to KL first, quite easy, just hit the NS Highway can liao. Toll costs RM$38, about 300Km. I drove for about 4 hours to get there, average apeed about 100-120km. Had to asked a few locals for help at KL as the streets were everywhere. In the end, managed to arrived at Pudu coach interchange and parked at the mscp, quite well lit, lot of spaces. Parked there for 2hours+, RM$5.50. Thereafter walked to Petaling Street(Night bazaar market) for food and shopping.

After that we proceeded to Genting Highland. Asked some local there and he spoke in very chiem malay. I heard something like gombak, sentul, kuantan and in pointed in some direction lah. So I just hit in the direction he pointed. I didn't even know Genting was near Kuantan. At first I thought the direction he gave was to the highway where it should lead to Genting. In the end, I ended up in a VERY VERY eerie road that is in complete darkness. All my mirrors were completely dark and I could only see light from my HIDs and foglights. And to top it all, the road was 20km of winding corners, simliar to the Pasir Panjang 99 bends, but much much longer and completely unlit. My Spoon struts saved me here from all the turning, macam go WRC rally. There was nobody on the road except my wife and I, was scared but had to act brave. :P Then somewhere along the road, we came across........

a group of people shooting a film by the forest at the side of the road. I asked one of the guys if we are heading for Genting. He said yes and there should be a roundabout up about 15km ahead. I said thank you to him and he passed this remark 'Lock your doors and wind up your windows.' KNN I already very scared liao then he say this kind of things. But he just being nice lah! So I carried on my journey and finally at the end I saw the roundabout ahead and the signboard saying Genting Highlands.

So I headed in the directions of the sighboard and going uphill was slightly slow. Had to use the 7speed cvt at gear 2 and 3 to get up the hill. As we progressed, fog started appearing and the roads were wet. Had to go slightly slower as the bends were quite sharp. At the end, we reached Genting Hotel at about 12.30am!

Was very happy wanted to take photos of my car with the hotel as a backdrop to prove that I was there, but the fog was bad. Weather was cold and there was slight wind. So we went into the hotel to take a short break. Most of the shops were closed already and the indoor amusement park were under renovation. Guys if you are thinking of bringing your kids there anytime soon, please reconsider. Didn't go casino also as didn't have enough money, not prepared at all. In fact I was walking around Genting in bermudas! Hahaha!

Anyway left Genting at about 2am. Downhill was quite dangerous as it was very foggy. Had to use L mode with brakes on the slippery road. Slowly we made our way to the Highway to KL, then from Kl had to find the next Highway to get home. Then somewhere along the highway, my eyes were getting blurry and tired liao so I stopped by one of the rest corner and took a nap at 05.50am in the car with my doors locked and engine running. Woke up at 8+am with the sun shinning bright to continue to 170km more to home. Reached Singapore at 11am, toll costing another RM$40, 350km.

Some of the things I have learned on this trip:

  1. The locals are quite nice people if you need help. At least those that I met were.
  2. Rarely see any TP around my route. No TP stopped me, possibly because I was within the speed limits MOST of the time.
  3. I topped my speed at 160, but throttle could still go somemore. My VAFC was showing 55% at 160, but the climb higher would take quite a while. The car felt ok, steering was light though. At that speed, slight response on the steering could send your car swaying already.
  4. Try to keep your throttle less than 20% on the VAFC and your km/liter will rise. My speed at that was about 105km/h. Anything more the petrol consumption becomes high, possibly due to the vtec enabled.
  5. Overtaking of cars requires some distance at high speed, as our acceleration are quite slow. Most of the time, I had to enable my 7spd mode drop to 4th or 5th high rev to do overtaking.
  6. Lastly always keep left unless overtaking. I have seen lorries and buses overtaking me at 120km/h.

Btw my car is layered with a coat of dust and the front bumper is filled with dead carcases of flys, bugs etc. Maybe I was flying too fast! Hahaha!

All in all it was fun to drive there, a real experience to gain. But the driving was very tiring. Hope my journal was helpful for those who want to try driving there. To me, I felt a sense of achievement as I wanted to do this for a very long time liao!

Oh I managed to take a pic at the entrance to the Genting outdoor themepark before I left, here's it is...

S4typeR's Trip to Genting


S4TypeR's Trip

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