Mikotai's Trip to Spoon HQ Japan

Hi bros, wanna share an AAR from a The pics were taken in September 2003 when I visited Spoon Headquarters. The people there were all very helpful though they can't speak English well. The most thrilling part of the whole trip to Spoon was to meet Mr. Ichishima, the chairman of Spoon in person. He can communicate in English and will gladly answer any queries you may have on Spoon and their products. I'll try to see if I can have a photo with him the next trip I am there. He's a very busy man who can't really spend much time with. At the same time, I also paid a visit to Type One, the subsidiary mod shop by Spoon just a few streets away from the headquarters.

Front of 1.5 Fit

Back with Spoon muffler

Gear console with Spoon duracon gear knob

Spoon SW388 rims and monoblock calipers


S4TypeR's Trip

Spoon Throttle Body
Trip to Spoon HQ
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