Feedback on the Spoon Throttle Body by Daniz, S4TypeR
15th December 2003

Hi everybody, I am here to give my FR on the Spoon Throttle Body, which I had bought from Michael Tay also known as MIKOTAI. He has some connections with Spoon Japan and that enabled him to get Spoon stuffs at relatively competitive price. When he posted a thread at SHC regarding Spoon stuffs for Honda Fit, I immediately called him to enquire. Thereafter he told me that he has 1 throttle body coming in to Singapore the next few days. I then ordered one from him. At first I was skeptical of the throttle body as there wasn't one seen locally, no one did the mod before from my knowledge. Anyway 3 days later, I met Michael and he showed me the throttle body! :P~~~

The box was typical of what Spoon does to their product, with a sticker briefly showing the description and part no. I then opened the box…

Inside were the throttle body wrapped and sealed in the Spoon Sports plastic. There was also a rubber gasket sealed in another separate package as shown here.

Now as for the price, I had an agreement with Michael to pay him more than the price he is selling. Not that I was very rich, but it's because Spoon Japan is selling the product on a one to one exchange policy for Y$22000 and Michael had paid additional money as goodwill for the transition of the throttle body. As I have to get the throttle body installed, I paid Michael more then the price he was selling me as goodwill, which he returned me after I gave him the stock throttle body, which in turn Michael can return to Spoon and get his deposit back. This acts as a fallback for both parties, should either one of us play dirty and back off from the return policy. I know I will get back to Michael and I understand he has to get some protection himself. In the end, it was a very gentlemanly sale and everything was every smooth. As for the actual price I paid, I shall not disclose here for valid reasons. If you are interested, I have included Michael's contact at the end of this FR and you can contact him for further details.

Moving on, the very next day I went to my frequent workshop at JB to get it done. However along the way there at the Malaysian Custom, I was questioned about the throttle body. As it's was too nicely wrapped, they asked me to pay tax for it. Anyway I managed to get my way out of it and headed straight to the workshop. Don't ask me how. There at the workshop, I took the throttle body for a closer look…

Front View

Back View

The Gasket

Immediately the mechanic started work.
First he took out the whole air filter box assembly.

Once the air filter box is off, the stock throttle body is very visible…

From here, next will be removing the hoses and wires that are attached to the TB. One thing to note here was that there are 2 coolant hoses at the back of the TB. When removing the 2 hoses, remember to use a cloth to keep the coolant from dripping onto the gearbox assembly below. I didn't know that the coolant would drip and in the end, the coolant stained my gearbox assembly. My mechanic that used a air blower to get rid of the coolant, but the stains was still visible.

Anyway removing the throttle body was pretty straightforward. After removing a few bolts securing the TB to the intake manifold and a few other screws, the stock TB was out. It looks very new and clean, even after 7 months. Immediately I took the stock and Spoon TB for a comparison…

The left TB is the stock, while the right is the Spoon TB. Both looks identical, not even a slight difference in the outlook. There was no etching on the Spoon TB to say that it's from Spoon also. The major difference is that the diameter of the intake side is wider then that stock one. The back of both TBs are exactly the same also. The Spoon workmanship is really superb; it's so smooth you can see that it's shiny from the inside. Using a Vernier caliper, the stock TB measure 52.4mm while the Spoon TB measure 57.3mm, a little off from Spoon's claim of 58mm. Maybe because I measured from the middle of the intake cone though, cause it looks like it's tapered inwards. I guess if I measured from the edge I should have 58mm.

Here's the close up of the stock TB.

Here's the inside of the Spoon TB. You can see the smoothness!

The stock TB has small hump for unknown reason
The Spoon TB is smoothen out to get a constant diameter.

I believe that hump will affect airflow in some way cause it obstruct airflow to a certain extent. Thereafter my mechanic installed the Spoon TB into the car, installed the hoses, wires and the air filter box. All in all, I took about 45 minutes for the whole transplant, without any major operation or mod needed. Then I started the car… Hmm the car seems normal, idling was normal too. I thought I had to lower the idling abit, but to my surprise they wasn't a need to. So I went for a test drive.

Immediately when I tapped on the accelerator lightly, the car pulled away. The engine response improved by a lot. The CVT was known to have a delay effect when you step on the accelerator, but the Spoon TB has reduced that delayed effect. Though it's not complete removal of the delay effect, you definitely feel the engine responding better.

Thereafter I went for a drive and I could feel more torque in the car. It pulls better and faster, the rpm goes up faster too. From my VAFC, previously when I needed 15% throttle to maintain a certain speed, now I only require 10-11%, possibly due to better combustion. I also noted that the pressure from the car was higher. Previously at a certain rpm with pressure of –300, now speaks –250. Feeling a happy man I went to pay for the workmanship. And the cost? RM$30! Boy that made me an even happier man! So I headed back for home through the Woodlands Checkpoint. Along the way, the pickup and move around in the Malaysian traffic was good and responsive. Along the way, I was stuck at the checkpoint for 1 and half hours. All this while the idling was very normal. However I reduced my VAFC from –15% to –12% in the mid and high rpm region so that the additional air does not lean my engine too much. (Note: Individual settings here, not to be taken as reference!)

The same night I reach Singapore, I went to find Michael immediately to return him the stock throttle body and to tell him the results. In fact I was so happy with the mod that I got him to test drive the car himself to get a feel of the power. Though he doesn't have a Fit or Jazz currently, he is thinking of getting a manual Jazz too. Hope he joins our family in time to come though…

To date I have been driving with the Spoon TB for about 2 days and I enjoy the power it has given me. Most importantly, the dreaded CVT delayed effect is reduced, just by a throttle body mod. Currently I am still on stock air filter and I believe the gain will be significantly better with a bigger bore intake manifold, performance air filter and even exhaust system. If my driving habits maintain as before the mod, I believe my fuel consumption will be similar or even be better, cause I take less time to get to the required cruising rpm, and that will improve fuel consumption. All in all, I feel that's very good mod! Now that I got more air in, it's time to get more exhaust out but on the local scene as of current, there isn't any approved extractor and muffler for the 1.5 Fit. Hmm, Spoon perhaps?

Anyway here's the Spoon Fit catalog given to me by Michael.
Please email us if you are interested in viewing the catalogue.

Also Michael was so nice that he gave me this at the end of the sale…

This sticker is used by Spoon's exclusive tuning house Type One on their mod cars, usually used together with the Spoon's crane emblem. You can see it on a Fit in another article by Michael himself on a trip to Spoon Japan in September 2003. I believe I made Michael's day by being a responsible buyer too on my part!

Hope the above FR is useful for those contemplating to get the Spoon throttle body. All the above are from my personal views, and I don't earn a cent from advertising for Michael. I just feel that I should share a good lobang, which in turn everybody gets to benefit. If you feel that you can get the same effect by boring it locally, well it's your personal preference. To me I am paying for Spoon workmanship and detailing and at a reasonable price which I am comfortable with.

If you want to get anything from Michael, he can be contacted at:
Handphone number: 96902969

By the way, seems like there isn't anybody contributing any articles to this website on their mods. Hope this article starts as a kickoff to more things to come. No matter how big or small your mod is, the gift of sharing is more important.

Happy modding and Merry Christmas!
15 December 2003


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